Hola! (გამარჯობა) My name is Tatia and I am from gorgeous Georgia (no, not the state of Georgia, it is a country in Eastern Europe). I used to live in the USA and Germany.
I'm a little bit addicted to fashion ;) J'adore watching and playing football(soccer) and support FC Bayern & Die Mannschaft.
Things I like: FasHion, PiNk, Music, Dancing,CloThing...
So, follow me and enjoy!
I luv u all ♥ (ძალიან მიყვარხართ) ^_^

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OMG!!! Sara really likes Badstuber o_O :D
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Posted 1 year ago
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OMG!!! Sara really likes Badstuber o_O :D

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    I always suspected that!
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    I actually love it! I am often a third wheel and I love it. So to see Badstuber, the third wheel make Basti look like a...
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    Holger looks like the third wheel bestfriend every couple has for me. It doesnt look like a big deal, she was drunk in...
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    esp in the first picture. basti is watching them and he looks totally relaxed and i’m just like wtf? and she is so...
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    THAT BITCH! Sorry, but this was my first thought!
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